We met to discuss eachother’s personal mindmaps and the questions we came up with and decided upon the final interview questions which Mirthe and Elise translated into Dutch and then they hit the city to get some answers.
Personal Mindmap Mélanie =

And the interview questions and introduction:
We need 5 minutes of your time. We are exploring sustainability within Enschede, in particular regarding nature, urban agriculture, water usage, energy usage, waste, and recycling.
1. How sustainable do you think Enschede is?
2. What city and initiatives do you consider as role models for Enschede to be more sustainable?
3. What do you miss in Enschede?
4. How do you think Enschede could do better?
5. What can you do to make Enschede more sustainable?
Mirthe and Elise’s experience was really challenging as people thought that they were selling things so had to ask “Do you want to help us for school?”.
But they talked to 6 different people in Enshcede city centre over the space of 30 minutes, and we found out that:
• The citizens are aware of sustainability and ways to become more sustainable.
• Some of the citizens were thinking about sustainable solutions for their own house. Some of them already had solar panels or other sustainable solutions.
• The citizens we spoke to were uncertain about the policy of the municipality and how the municipality can help them to become more sustainable.