Mirthe – I had the opportunity to join Enschede Lab because of the saxion citylab. Enschede Lab will be my citylab project for the next two semesters. I signed up for this project because I like working in interdisciplinary teams and I am interested in sustainability, which is one of the subjects of Enschede Lab. My first expectation was that Enschede Lab would be a fun project because you can come up with any idea, there are no limitations and it also sounded very creative.

Romi – For school i’ve joined this project and being very excited about making a pilot of product for Enschede.

Mélanie – This opportunity is a very unique chance to use the design thinking methodology, which I have previously practiced, in an implementable setting on the topic of sustainability. This falls very much into my current field of interest in sustainable development and I get the chance to interact with other stakeholders and students with similar interests.

We were introduced to the Enschede Lab working group and briefly got to know all the other students participating in this adventure. After a round of introductions, the municipality representatives introduced our task within the project to make Enschede more sustainable and resilient. Then we had a quick run through of the design thinking methodology we will be using for the next 4 months, before cutting the cake to round-off the kick-off.

First Impressions

Mirthe – I am missed the kick-off, so my first impressions came after the bootcamp: I think the bootcamp was a nice way to discover the design thinking method. After the bootcamp I was looking forward to start with the project. I was confident that the team is a fun team to work with and that I will learn a lot from this project.

Romi – Going to work with UT, Saxion and AKI students. Im very excited about that, in the way how they look at sustainability and selfreliance.

Mélanie – All the stakeholders and coaches also seemed very motivated by this project, which is exciting. However I was taken aback by the amount of Dutch, as the only non-dutch speaker, but I know this was part of the challenge when joining the project.