To find our pilot neighbourhood we went on a biking tour with our amazing tour guide Hein Jan, who knows Enschede like the back of his hand. We started as his work studio to check the map and make of plan of where to go. Then we cycled through Pathmos, Stadsveld, and ended in Bruggert.

We thought Bruggert would be the most appropriate neighbourhood to complete a pilot with as it is small, with similar houses and the citizens seem to take care of their outdoor green space. However, we then talked to an elderly man who was trimming his hedge. He was not keen on another sustainability initiative in Bruggert as there was one last year which was seemingly ineffective and he classifies these initiatives as more for young people. Therefore, we regrouped at a playground to look at the map the map once more before calling it a day.

We will keep looking into other neighbourhood alternatives, most likely with another bike tour for confirmation.